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C-T: Making a pitch for soccer

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
From the Chronicle-Tribune

Marion Sports Authority President Jim Brunner said Thursday he has not been approached about Marion Community Schools’ need for a soccer field but would be happy to help.

“We have so many kids playing soccer in our community, and the facilities we have don’t even come close to equaling interest,” he said. “I don’t have a checkbook with a half-million dollars to offer to soccer fields … (but) the sports authority could be a conduit to put some help into it.”

The MCS Board of School Trustees discussed again Wednesday its need for an independent soccer field rather than continuing to share space at downtown Ballard Field, which is owned and operated by the city.

“It’s difficult to police Ballard,” said Marion High School Athletic Director Greg Peden, who cited people switching fields during games — none of Ballard’s fields are fenced — and lax security as issues there. “Our athletic program depends on what we take in at the gate.”

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