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IREAD-3 passage rates on the rise

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
MARION (April 29, 2013) — At two Marion Community Schools elementaries, Allen and Riverview, a greater percentage of students has already passed the IREAD-3 test during the first round of testing this spring than had passed by the second round of testing after summer remediation last school year.

According to state law, third grade students must demonstrate reading proficiency — by way of passing the IREAD-3 (which is separate from the ISTEP+ test) — before moving on to fourth grade. (There are certain exemptions available in special circumstances. See the state Department of Education’s IREAD website for more information.)

MCS is proud to highlight the progress at Allen and Riverview elementaries, and to note that at Riverview, 92 percent of students have already cleared the IREAD-3 hurdle. Another point of pride: At Frances Slocum Elementary, this spring's passage rate is 16 percentage points higher than last spring's! At Kendall Elementary, the passage rate fell slightly from last spring, but even so three out of four students have passed IREAD-3 at this point. 

District-wide, 78 percent of students passed IREAD-3 during the spring testing period. That’s up from 72 percent last spring. Nearly every other passage rate at the school level is also above last spring’s rate.

Marion Community Schools already has summer classes with heavy emphasis on reading skills set, and third-graders who have not yet passed IREAD-3 will retake the test after summer remediation.