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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
From the Chronicle-Tribune

Cory Deaton, MHS senior, was presented the Jim Butler Athletic Scholarship. Riley Orrell, MHS senior, was presented an academic scholarship. Anne Marie Conrad and Ian Reynolds, both eighth-graders at McCulloch Junior High School, were presented Junior High School Exchange Club Citizenship Awards.

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
From the Chronicle-Tribune

A federal school improvement grant could bring millions of dollars to Marion over the next three years.

Marion Community Schools is preparing to meet a June 2 application deadline for an award that might help multiple Marion schools perform turnaround projects.

Superintendent Steve Edwards said the district has better than a 50-50 shot of receiving the grant, which would be used for partnerships with Edison Learning, Inc., similar to that at Justice Intermediate School.

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
From the Chronicle-Tribune

After 50-plus years in operation and more than a year of discussion, diagnosis and debate, Marion Community Schools’ licensed practical nursing program will close this fall.

The Board of School Trustees unanimously approved a recommendation Wednesday to shutter the adult vocational offering at Tucker Career and Technology Center.

“The adult LPN program is not the primary function of the school district, and a new accreditation process for the program is lengthy and costly,” said Superintendent Steve Edwards in a letter to the board. “We should be directing our attention to the education of children in grades (kindergarten to 12).”

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
The Marion School Board recently honored four "superheroes" disguised as teachers for their quick actions to help students in life-threatening situations at their schools:

Shannon Lyles, third grade teacher at Frances Slocum Elementary School, was eating lunch with her students when one of them began to choke on a chip. Mrs. Lyles quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver, and the lodged chip came out.  

Also at Frances Slocum, a Taylor University intern was playing bingo with a group of students while Connie Leonard, kindergarten teacher, worked with a small group. When a child tried to swallow a bingo chip, she began to choke. Mrs. Leonard quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver, called the office, and ran to the hall to ask for more immediate help. Help came in the form of first grade teacher Kyle Petricek, who performed the Heimlich again, dislodging the bingo chip.

Another pair of teachers, Christine House and Lauren Matchette, both fourth grade teachers, helped in a similar situation at Allen Elementary School. A student choked during snack time in Mrs. Matchette's class, and Mrs. House performed the Heimlich manuever, dislodging the piece of food.

Marion Community Schools thanks these "superheroes" for their quick actions, and for the work they do every day for our students.

The Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees at its May 22, 2013, meeting honored four "superheroes" who took action to help students in life-threatening situations at their schools: Christine House, Allen Elementary School, Lauren Matchette, Allen Elementary School, Connie Leonard, Frances Slocum Elementary School, and Kyle Petricek, Frances Slocum Elementary School. Also seen are MCS Superintendent Steve Edwards, along with board members Cathy Moritz, Scott Murphy, Pam Hutchison, Harry Hall, Aaron Vermilion, Greg Kitts, and Katie Morgan. 
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Marion Community Schools would like to congratulate and thank the following employees for their years of service to the school system, and congratulate them on their retirements:
  • Cathy Borne, 35.5 years. 
  • Nancy Chin, 40 years: She is a social studies teacher at McCulloch Junior high School, and who also served as an elementary teacher at Riverview Elementary School and a language arts teacher at Justice Intermediate School.
  • Sally Clark, 31.5 years.
  • Fred Cohlhepp, 38 years: He started as a substitute teacher in 1974, and he began teaching physical education and health in 1975 at Riverview and Frances Slocum elementary schools. He most recently has taught at McCulloch Junior High School. He has also been a coach for many years, for basketball, football, cross country, track, and he has served as the intramural coordinator at McCulloch.
  • Betty Drinkut, 12 years: She is a science teacher at Marion High School and also serves as the Green Society sponsor.
  • Linda Earnest, 25 years: She serves as the high ability coordinator for the district, based at Justice Intermediate School, and she has taught language arts at McCulloch Middle School, Talent Pool at Riverview and various elementary schools, and also taught in Missouri and at Lakeland School Corp. in LaGrange, Ind. 
  • Madeline Foudray, 34 years: She retired from the Transportation Department on Aug. 21, 2012, after serving as a bus driver and aide.
  • Patty Goff, 13.5 years.
  • Rafael Grenier, 33 years.
  • Helen Hall: 11 years: She began working for MCS in fall 2003 as an art teacher. She is currently working as a fourth grade teacher at Allen Elementary School. She taught in Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, and Germany before beginning coming to MCS.
  • Artis Hoffmann, 34 years: She is currently the media specialist at Marion High School. Prior to moving to MHS, she was the school librarian at McCulloch Middle School for 17 years.
  • Doug Haviland, 42 years: He retired on July 5, 2012, from Justice Intermediate School. He taught sixth grade math and science the majority of his career, and also taught at Allen Elementary School.
  • Beth Jones, 36 years: She is currently the physical education department chairperson at Marion High School. She also has taught at Kendall and Lincoln elementary schools, as well as McCulloch Junior High School. She has also served as a volleyball, softball, cross country, and basketball coach.
  • Linda Kelly, 19 years: She spent the majority of her years teaching at Southeast Elementary School. She moved to Riverview in 2009 and also taught one year at Allen. Prior to joining the MCS faculty, she worked in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida, along with Decatur and Wabash in Indiana.
  • Paula Kincaid, 29.5 years: She has served as an elementary teacher at Riverview and Kendall elementary schools, teaching kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade.
  • Judy Michael, 30.5 years: She is currently a first grade teacher at Riverview Elementary School. She also taught Head Start at the Education Service Center and taught at Center and Lincoln elementary schools.
  • Judy Neuenschwander, 31.5 years: She is a physical education teacher and the water safety instructor at Marion High School. She has also taught at Kendall, Lincoln, Center, Southeast, Frances Slocum and Riverview elementary schools, as well as Jones and Justice middle schools. She also coached volleyball and track.
  • Stan Neuenschwander, 36 years: He began at Justice Junior High School and stayed for 31 years as it evolved from a junior high school to a middle school. He also worked at Marion High School for three years, and then returned to Justice Intermediate School. He has also served as the athletic trainer for Marion High School, winter trainer, assistant boys' swim coach, boys' baseball reserve coach, and eighth grade assistant football coach.
  • Karen Nichols, 37 years: She started her career at Martin Boots Elementary School, where she taught kindergarten for one year. She moved to Allen Elementary School, where she taught kindergarten for 27 years. She most recently taught kindergarten at Kendall Elementary School. 
  • Jeff Plummer, 37 years: He started his teaching career at Roseburg Elementary School in a part-time PE position. He has gone on to serve as an elementary physical education teacher at Allen, Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Allen, Riverview, Kendall and Southeast elementary schools. He also has served as a seventh and eighth grade boy’s basketball coach, junior varsity basketball coach, assistant cross country coach at MHS, eighth grade girls' track coach, eighth grade boys track coach, and eighth grade cross country coach, and has taught summer school.
  • Linda Record, 40.5 years: She has has been at Riverview Elementary School for her entire career. She taught grades one and two the majority of that time. Since fall 2011 she has been a TAP master teacher.
  • Jane Sauer, 35.5 years: She is a fourth grade teacher at Kendall Elementary School, and has also taught at Allen, Southeast and Martin Boots elementary schools. She has taught kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • Beth Schroeder, 19.5 years: She has served as a special needs preschool teacher at Allen and Lincoln elementary schools and at the MCS Early Childhood Center. She also served as a Student Study Team chairperson at Allen.
  • Judy Shepard, 32.5 years: She is a sixth grade math and science teacher at Justice Intermediate School. She also has served as an elementary teacher at Franklin, Lincoln, Clayton-Brownlee, Southeast, Frances Slocum and Kendall elementary schools and a math, science and social studies teacher at McCulloch Middle School.
  • Debra Shepler, 28 years: She is currently an art teacher at Marion High School and the Fine Arts Department chairperson. She has worked at Lincoln, Kendall, and Center elementary schools, Jones and McCulloch middle schools, and served as an academic coach for fine arts.
  • Jim Sonnefield, 35.5 years: He is a physical education teacher at Marion High School, but he spent the majority of his career at Justice Middle School, and also coached sixth and seventh grade volleyball.
  • Bettye Stevenson, 11 years.
  • Dave Tippey, 38 years: He began teaching general science at Justice Middle School in 1975. He moved to Marion High School in 1984. He has served as the Science Department chairperson, provided a Science Fun Night at Allen Elementary School, and taught mini computer classes at Tucker Career and Technology Center.
  • Dale Whonsetler, 34 years: He was a science teacher at Marion High School and retired at the end of the 2011-12 school year. He also worked at Jones Junior High School for 12 years.
  • Robert Wilson, 11 years.

Retiring Marion Community Schools employees Cathy Borne, Nancy Chin, Sally Clark, Fred Cohlhepp, Betty Drinkut, Linda Earnest, Madeline Foudray, Patty Goff, Rafael Grenier, Helen Hall, Doug Haviland, Artis Hoffmann, Beth Jones, Linda Kelly, Paula Kincaid, Judy Michael, Stan Neuenschwander, Judy Neuenschwander, Karen Nichols, Jeff Plummer, Linda Record, Jane Sauer, Beth Schroeder, Judy Shepard, Debi Shepler, Bettye Stevenson, Dave Tippey, Dale Whonsetler, and Robert Wilson were honored by the MCS School Board at its May 22, 2013, meeting. Also pictured are MCS Superintendent Steve Edwards (also retiring) and School Board members Cathy Moritz, Scott Murphy, Pam Hutchison, Harry Hall, Aaron Vermilion, Greg Kitts and Katie Morgan.