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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion High School students competed the last two weekends in the annual ISSMA Solo and Ensemble district competitions, and many of them advanced to the state round! 

Vocal / piano

The vocal and piano competition was held Jan. 28 at Southside Middle School in Muncie. Every single Giant who competed advanced to the state level, by earning a gold rating in the toughest division (Group 1). Congratulations to these Giants! They are:
  • Jada Adaway, senior
  • Allie Durbin, senior
  • Saidah Edwards, freshman
  • Kaleb Evans, junior
  • John Flowers, freshman
  • Triston Galeon, freshman, piano solo
  • Amonte King, junior
  • Myles Kohn, freshman
  • Lindsay Ngo, senior
  • Maria Porter, junior
  • Kendra Quill, junior
  • Casey Reaves, junior
  • Kabriel Robinson, freshman
  • Anna Shigley, freshman
  • Ianne Sierra, senior
State competition is set for Feb. 18 at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis. Congratulations and good luck to all of these students!


The instrumental competition was held Feb. 4 at Eastbrook High School. Six MHS students competed, several doing so for the first time. They all took on challenging music, and did well!

Two students advanced to the state competition, by playing pieces in the toughest division (group 1) and earning gold ratings:
  • Sophie Schenck, sophomore, trumpet solo
  • Ethan Roberts, senior, percussion
They will compete at the state contest on Feb. 25 at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

Here's a look at the rest of the competitors' results:
  • Saralena Bergsma, freshman, solo, group 1; silver rating
  • Austin Guess, freshman; saxophone solo, group 3; gold rating
  • Abigail Baird, freshman; solo, group 3; silver rating
  • Cheyann Vick, sophomore; solo, group 3; silver rating
Congratulations to all of these students. We are proud of you!
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Several McCulloch music students recently competed in the annual ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contests, and most of them brought home the gold!

In the annual competition put on by the Indiana State School Music Association, students play or sing alone or in small groups for judges, who then award gold, silver, or bronze ratings. Competitions are held around the state. 

Vocal / piano

Our young singers and piano players competed on Jan. 28 at Southside Middle School in Muncie. 

Here's a look at the students who competed and their awards:
  • Carynna Aguila, eighth grade; piano solo; gold rating
  • Jackson Vice, eighth grade; piano solo; gold rating
  • Cassie Evans, seventh grade, vocal solo; gold rating
  • Evelyn Detamore, eighth grade, vocal solo; gold rating
  • Kaitlyn Tu, eighth grade; vocal solo; gold rating
  • Natalyia McKinney; seventh grade; vocal solo; gold rating
  • Michael Seybold; eighth grade; vocal solo; gold rating
  • Emma McAbee-Reher; seventh grade; vocal solo; silver rating
  • Mia de las Alas, seventh grade, and Emily Fannin and Anna Wuertley, both eighth grade; vocal ensemble; gold rating
  • Tori Daehn, Briana Huston, and Michael Seybold, all eighth grade; vocal ensemble ; gold rating
  • Cassie Evans and Robert Herrington, both seventh grade, and Briana Huston, eighth grade; vocal ensemble silver rating


Our young musicians competing with other instruments attended the contest held Feb. 4 at Eastbrook High School:
  • Carynna Aguila, eighth grade; flute solo; gold rating
  • Ashya Bradberry, seventh grade; alto sax solo; gold rating
  • Soren Bruehler, eighth grade; trombone solo; gold rating
  • Landen Hammond, seventh grade; trumpet solo; gold rating
  • Faith Keaffaber, seventh grade; clarinet solo; gold rating
  • Takota Russ, eighth grade; alto sax solo; gold rating
  • Jillayne Bass, eighth grade; alto sax solo; silver rating
  • Makayla Starr, seventh grade; trumpet solo; silver rating
  • Takota Russ, Carynna Aguila. Evelyn Detamore, all eighth grade; alto sax ensemble; gold rating
  • Kylee O'Neil and Raenah Hyde, both eighth grade, and Courtney O'Neil, seventh grade; flute trio; gold rating
  • Emily Fannin, Marisa Wallace, Desirae Rankins, all eighth grade; woodwind trio; gold rating
  • Kaylie Nantz and Chloe Wilkes, both eight grade, and Emma McAbee-Reher, seventh grade; woodwind trio; gold rating
  • Anna Wuertley and Soren Bruehler, both eighth grade, and Jaden Gillespie, seventh grade; trombone trio; gold rating
  • Jackson Vice, Emma Maki, Carynna Aguila, all eighth grade; marimba trio; gold rating
Congratulations to all of these students! We're proud of you!
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Check out this great report from WIWU-TV about the Giant Bistro!

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News By Gabriela Padilla

Seven Marion High School seniors got a boost to their post-high school education plans recently, as they were awarded $12,000 in scholarships during the annual Martin Luther King Scholarship Celebration.

The Rev. Larry Batchelor, left, and MHS teacher Bobbie Owensby, right, present the 2017 MLK Scholarships on Sunday, Jan. 15, at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. MHS scholarship winners pictured are, from left, Jada Flowers, Stacia Tyson, David Anderson, Taylor Gregory, Arrington Kohn, and Jada Adaway. (Camille Wheels not pictured.)

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarships, which have been given out by Marion Baptist Ministerial Alliancefor more than 20 years, are awarded to seniors in the area who are active in the alliance’s church, and exceeding academically. This year's winners from Marion High School and their awards are: 
  • Jada Flowers: $2,500 scholarship; plans to study biochemistry at Indiana University or Purdue University
  • Stacia Tyson: $2,500 scholarship; plans to study criminal justice, forensic science, and Spanish at North Carolina A&T University
  • Camille Wheels: $2,500 scholarship; plans to study finance and Spanish at Drake University
  • Jada Adaway: $1,500 scholarship; plans to study pharmacy, still weighing school options
  • David Anderson: $1,500  scholarship; still weighing post-secondary plans
  • Taylor Gregory: $1,000 scholarship; plans to study elementary education at Indiana State University or Ball State University
  • Arrington Kohn: $500 scholarship; plans to study social work and early childhood education, still weighing school options
A Madison-Grant High School senior also received a $1,500 scholarship.

Awards were presented during a celebration at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, Jan. 15. This annual event honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and importance of education. More than $250,000 in scholarships has been awarded over the years.

At the awards ceremony, contributions to the MLK Scholarship fund were also recognized, including several from the member churches, along with thousands of dollars contributed by Indiana Wesleyan University and the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

We are very proud of these scholarship winners! 

The Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees also honored these winners at their meeting on Jan. 24: 

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News In the past few years, the Media Center at Marion High School has undergone an amazing transformation, from a staid space with somewhat limited uses into a vibrant center for exploration, collaboration, and innovation. Now, MHS is aiming to win a grant from a national educational company to fund continued technology investments — and YOU can help us win!

From Monday, Jan. 23, through Friday, Jan. 27, a video produced by Marion High School students and staff will be posted on the Follett Challenge site, and anyone in the world can vote once per day to make us one of 10 People’s Choice video winners, a prize worth $8,000. We need you to help us earn this prize! Please make a plan to vote every day next week, and to share this opportunity with your family and friends, too!

MHS students work on the Follett Challenge video in late December 2016.  Vote once a day per email address Monday, Jan. 23, through Friday,  Jan. 27.

The People’s Choice award is just the beginning, though. Your votes will also play a role in Marion High School’s chances to win goods and services from Follett Corp. worth up to $60,000. The public voting will factor in as 20 percent of our final score in the grant competition. We just can’t do this without YOU!

These prizes would enable MHS to continue the incredible reinvention of the Media Center into a 21st Century learning commons that promotes and facilitates not only technology-driven education but also collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. These skills are not only important for success in the classrooms of Marion High School, but they are truly life-changing skills that will benefit our students no matter where their paths lead after graduation.

We are excited to be part of the 2017 Follett Challenge, and we hope you will enjoy our video and vote for us every day of the competition

Our video was inspired by the smash hit musical Hamilton. You don't want to miss it! (And 

Do you tweet? Click one of the links below to tweet out your favorite message:
A total of $200,000 in goods and services is up for grabs in the Follett Challenge. The 10 People’s Choice video award winners will receive $8,000 each. One semifinalist in each category (elementary, middle school, and high school) will each receive $30,000. Those winners will be announced on Feb. 28. The Grand Prize winner, chosen from the semifinalists to receive an additional $30,000, will be announced April 28.

About Follett Corp.: For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted partner to pre-K-12 schools and colleges. Now, Follett serves more than half of the students in the nation, working with 70,000 schools as a leading provider of education technology and services. It is the largest provider of educational materials and technology solutions to pre-K-12 schools in the nation, distributing books, textbooks, ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital resources. Follett is also one of the leading providers of integrated educational technology for physical and digital asset management, data storage and analysis, and more. To learn more about Follett’s pre-K-12 business, visit