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Facility rental requests

** To get a fillable form that you can type onto, please DOWNLOAD the form(s) you need below **


External organizations or individuals (including school employees requesting on behalf of an external organization) who would like to make a request to use a Marion Community Schools facility should complete the form below and follow submission instructions on the form:

>> Request for Use of School Facilities 


For Walton Performing Arts Center requests, you'll ALSO need to fill out this form:

>> Walton Center Usage Request 


Marion Community Schools staffers who want to request use of a school facility for a school event should complete the appropriate form below:

>> School Space Reservation (for all except Marion High School facility)

>> Calendar Event / Space Reservation Request (Marion High School facility only)


If you are requesting use of the Walton Performing Arts Center, you DO also need to fill out the Walton Center Usage Request form above.