K-12 High Ability Program


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Students in grades K-12 in Marion Community Schools will have the opportunity to be served in their areas of general intellectual and specific academic high ability in accordance with Indiana Code (IC 20-10.1-5. 1-2 Sec 2).

High ability students come from all cultures, socio-economic statuses, and races. MCS is committed to serving the needs of these students by identifying them through systematic methods and offering them services to develop their academic talents.

Through this development of their talents, high ability students should continue to excel and become productive citizens by contributing to society.



1) Marion Community Schools uses a multifaceted identification system (click here to review the MCS High Ability Identification Guidelines and Procedures) which finds all students who perform or have the potential to perform at outstanding levels when compared to other students of the same age, experience, and environment.*  

2) Instruction and materials are differentiated for high ability students, which provides opportunities for higher levels of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative extensions. School personnel receive professional development regarding the needs of high ability students.

3) The social and emotional needs of high ability students are addressed.

Identification appeal process: Any parent/guardian who wishes to appeal his/her child’s identification will complete the Scales of Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) parent form. Other proof of high ability will be shared by parents. The High Ability Coordinator and building principal will determine the outcome of any appeals.


  • early kindergarten entry
  • subject skipping
  • grade skipping
  • early graduation




Marion Community Schools realizes that strategies geared toward teaching high ability students are good strategies for teaching all students. 

Professional development includes weekly teacher meetings, which are often focused on differentiation of instruction and curriculum; regular collaboration with High Ability Coordinator; additional education on the identification process and instructional strategies; and opportunities to attend state and national high ability conferences.

Instructors who teach Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses receive additional training and/or certification from post-secondary education institutions.




Please consider joining the Marion Community Schools High Ability Program Parent Advisory Group, which meets periodically. Your input is crucial to our program!

In addition, parents of high ability students are invited to join our Facebook group, a place for you to share ideas and information, ask questions, discuss challenges, and celebrate accomplishments. If you are interested in joining our network, email curriculum@marion.k12.in.us.


For more information, contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department at 765-662-2546.


Marion Community Schools will provide flexible curricular accommodations for identified high ability students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Here’s a look at more specifics:  

Kindergarten-Grade 4

  • Cluster grouping within the regular classroom. Identified students work with their learning peers in areas of academic talents.
  • Daily enrichment opportunity in Math.
  • Individualized ELA instruction.
  • Advanced curriculum in ELA.
  • Advanced curriculum in Math.
  • Supplemental enrichment/acceleration resources available at each grade level for ELA and Math.
  • Achievement opportunities: Indiana Math League Contest, Spelling Bee.

Grades 5 and 6

  • Cluster grouping within the regular classroom. Identified students work with their learning peers
    in areas of academic talents.
  • Daily enrichment opportunity in Math and ELA.
  • Acceleration opportunity in Math classes for qualified fifth- and sixth-grade students to prepare for junior high honors classes.
  • Integrated project units during Success period.
  • Advanced curriculum in ELA.
  • Supplemental enrichment/acceleration resources available at each grade level for ELA and Math.
  • Achievement opportunities: Academic camp nominations, Northwestern University Midwest Talent Search nomination, Indiana Math League Contest, Sumdog Online Math Competition, Spelling Bee.
  • Affective opportunities: Lunch Bunch with School Counselor.

Grade 7-8

  • Honors Classes: ELA, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 (high school credit), Geometry (high school credit), Honors Science, Biology (high school credit), Honors Social Studies, foreign language options.

  • Extra-curricular opportunities available: Academic teams and more.

  • Power Hour afterschool extension and enrichment opportunities.

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) planned experiences.

Grades 9-12

*AP and DC instructors receive additional training and/or certification from post-secondary education institutions.