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Proof of residency FAQs

We've heard some questions about the state's requirement for proof of residency for our students, so we're taking the opportunity to provide more information.

As part of schools' enrollment reporting to the state (which controls how much state funding we receive to provide opportunities for our students), we must "verify legal settlement", or in other words, proof of residency. Documentation may include such items as a current utility bill, telephone bill, tax return, bank statement, mortgage statement, rental/lease agreement, medical bill, or similar information that provides a verifiable address. Documentation should be dated within 60 days of student enrollment, and the date should be clearly labeled. Once you have provided proof of residency for your student, you will not have to do so again unless your address changes or you enroll in a new school district.


We did ask that people provide residency verification during our annual enrollment period prior to the start of school. However, the fall enrollment count date this year is Sept. 16, so we are doing another push to get the required documentation on file for all students.

The state recognizes that some students may not have the required residency documents due to specific circumstances. For students experiencing homelessness, as well as other students who may be in a temporary housing situation, such as foster or third-party custodial arrangements, there are different documentation requirements. Marion Community Schools enrolls all students. This proof of residency requirement in no way prevents us from providing educational services to any student.


Foreign exchange students and students of an active military family may also need to provide alternate documentation. Such requirements are also spelled out by the state, and schools will help families to provide the correct documentation.


If you have questions about your own obligation to provide documentation, please contact your school office as soon as possible. Phone numbers can be found here

All school corporations and charter schools must provide residency verification for all of their students. 
Yes! We accept enrollment from outside our school district. Click here for more information. Residency verification for these students is still required. The way the state provides funding for these students is a bit different for out-of-district students, but all students receive the same educational opportunities at Marion Community Schools!
You can view this in Infinite Campus. Log on to Campus Parent, and in the menu, choose "More", then "Online Registration", then next to the completed student registration, hit the "Review" button. This will pull up your registration report. At the very bottom, just above your signature, you'll see a line labeled "Address Verification". If that line ends in "Yes", you have provided documentation already. If it says "No", you need to contact your school to provide the documentation as soon as possible.