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Intermediate School Information

Office hours: Justice Intermediate School office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school year.
Talk to a teacher: Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher. However, please understand that teachers may be unable to speak with you if they have students, but will return your call or respond to your message as soon as possible. See the above link for contact information for individual staff members.
Visit us: Parents are invited to visit their school, but we ask that all visitors follow certain procedures. Click here for more information.  
Meet with a teacher: Parents wanting to meet with their child’s teacher must call the office and set an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. This is a requirement written into the teacher contract which the administration is required to honor in good faith.   
Attend class: Parents are welcome to come and watch their child’s class. Parents interested in this opportunity will need to contact the principal to make arrangements about observations.

Questions/concerns: Communication is the key to developing a partnership between educators and parents, and we encourage parents to be involved in their student’s education.
If you have a question or concern dealing with in-class events, we would ask you to talk with the teacher first. If you feel your question or concern was not handled to your expectations, we would then ask you to follow the chain of communications established by MCS:
  1. Teacher
  2. Building Principal
  3. Superintendent
  4. Board Member
Your cooperation and support will greatly enhance our success in meeting the needs of the students. We are looking forward to serving you and your family. 
Let us be one of the first to welcome you to Justice Thurgood Marshall Intermediate School!  
We are dedicated to working with each student and family to create the best possible learning environment. As the building administrators, it is our job to create an environment that is positive and academically rigorous for each Justice student. 
As the year goes by, you and your child will see and be active in the many powerful activities that our staff develops to help students achieve and grow. 
The pages that follow are a good resource for you as the year progresses. We trust that you will take time to look through them at your convenience. Please make sure to share this information with your student as well.
We are eager to build a relationship with you and your child(ren) that encourages cooperation to achieve academic success. We are excited for the upcoming school year!
The administrators of Justice Intermediate School
I am a Justice Intermediate Giant,
I take pride in my home, my school, and my community.
Learning is my top priority.
I respect my parents, my teachers, and most of all myself.
I am respectful,
I am responsible,
I am smart,
I am talented,
and I will achieve
Student day: At Justice Intermediate School, doors open to students at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Click here for more schedule information
  • Students should NOT be dropped off before doors open. Entry areas are not supervised before then. Marion Community Schools partners with the Grant County Family YMCA for before- and after-school child care. Call 765-664-0544 for more information on those programs.

  • Every student is expected to be ready to begin when class starts. (This means they need to be dropped off a few minutes earlier than that, so they have time to get to class!) Students arriving late must check in at the main office. Please contact our school office if you need clarification on specific tardy procedures.

  • Attendance/Tardies: Students are required by state law to attend school regularly. This means students are to be in their classrooms by the start of class and here through the end of the school day. Click here for more attendance information.
Parents are required to notify the school office when a child is absent from school.
Please call the office between 8 and 9 a.m.
If a call cannot be made, you can send a message to your school's attendance secretary or send a note to school with the child on the day he/she returns explaining the absence.
Parents may make arrangements with their child’s teacher to bring a small treat at the end of the school day to celebrate their child’s birthday. Parent must notify the teacher at least a day in advance for any birthday plans. Due to food allergies, make sure to ask your child’s teacher if anyone in the classroom is allergic to any type of food. Many students today are allergic to things such as peanuts and milk. Treats must be packaged or commercially prepared.
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